Sunday, December 14, 2008

Would you ever like to look like an Egyptian?

Can you belive all they really wore was linen clothes? All the clothes were made from women. Really all they wore was tunics with sleeves or without. They had wore them because they were comftorble and I think they would be too because linen clothes are very soft. The women had wore them because they were comftorable and the clothes could change shape when the women are pregnant. The linen clothes were pretty exspensive back then. The clothes could cost over a goat which I think would be a lot because a the goat would probably have a lot of uses to it and just give it away for some clothes. So would you like to wear linen clothes that was made by professional women? I probably would like to try it to see what it felt like.

Would you ever like to make Egyptian clothing?

It is made out of linen because they had a lot of flax that makes linen. Have you ever wove because I once did in 3rd grade but I didnt do so good. I can't belive that the women would weave the fabric with 100 threads per centimeter! I would think that would be pretty hard and I don't ever think I could weave fabric with 100 threads in the fabric. They would spin the tread from the stem of the plant. They first would soak the flax. Then you would join all the fabrics together and spin them all together with a machine called a spindle. Then they would put the tread into balls. Then they would weave them into clothes. The clothes would look like long t-shirts that go down to your knees. That is what they would do to make the clothes they wore? So would you ever try to make these clothes? I know I would not it would take me forever. You might have a different thought but I know that I wouldn't.

What would your first Egyptian clothing look like if you made one?

The egyptians always wove their own clothes so they have had a lot of practice. Most of the clothes are just plain white. You would have to do so much to make it you would have to sew it and weave and deal with thread everywhere. I know if I made egyptian clothing it will be terrible! you would first have to make the cloth and that would be around the hardest part probably. You first get flax. Then you have to go soak the flax. Second you would have to join all the tread with the flax and put it into a spindle. Then you would finally put the cloth into balls and then would weave the clothes into the cloths. So what would your first piece of cloth look like?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Would you ever like to wear to wear a royal headress back in the day?

I think I would want to wear their headress because they would think I would be royalty. I know this because the headress is made out of gold and the best jewery back then. Then you could give orders to people to get you stuff. The only bad reason to be a ruler back and time is you dont have as much stuff. So would you like to wear a royal headress back in the day?

What would you do if you were back in the day with the Egyptians?

The Egyptians would always follow the orders from the ruler. You would also be probably a salve so you had no choice what you want to do unless the ruler doesn't need you at that time. You are probably thinking this is all boring and hard but in your spare time you could play some egyptian games and they were pretty fun to play. The only other thing that would be awesome is that if you were the ruler of egypt because you can order people around and have Egypt all to yourself. So would you want to be with the Egyptian back in the because I no i would want to if I was the ruler of Egypt but that is it.

What are areas of strength for this blog?

My stength for this blog would probably be that I think is that I enjoy learning about Egygptians Clothing. I think that it is all just so interesting about what they were and about there heritage. I think it would be cool to be back in the day with what they did. I would also like to wear the royal headress so I oculd be the ruler of Egypt. So those are my strengths for this blog.

What is an area for improvement of this blog?