Sunday, December 14, 2008

Would you ever like to make Egyptian clothing?

It is made out of linen because they had a lot of flax that makes linen. Have you ever wove because I once did in 3rd grade but I didnt do so good. I can't belive that the women would weave the fabric with 100 threads per centimeter! I would think that would be pretty hard and I don't ever think I could weave fabric with 100 threads in the fabric. They would spin the tread from the stem of the plant. They first would soak the flax. Then you would join all the fabrics together and spin them all together with a machine called a spindle. Then they would put the tread into balls. Then they would weave them into clothes. The clothes would look like long t-shirts that go down to your knees. That is what they would do to make the clothes they wore? So would you ever try to make these clothes? I know I would not it would take me forever. You might have a different thought but I know that I wouldn't.


  1. i think it might be fun to make egyptian clothing but then again sounds hard and complex.

  2. I don't know. It looks hard and confusing

  3. I don't think so it sounds to complex.