Sunday, December 14, 2008

What would your first Egyptian clothing look like if you made one?

The egyptians always wove their own clothes so they have had a lot of practice. Most of the clothes are just plain white. You would have to do so much to make it you would have to sew it and weave and deal with thread everywhere. I know if I made egyptian clothing it will be terrible! you would first have to make the cloth and that would be around the hardest part probably. You first get flax. Then you have to go soak the flax. Second you would have to join all the tread with the flax and put it into a spindle. Then you would finally put the cloth into balls and then would weave the clothes into the cloths. So what would your first piece of cloth look like?

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  1. why would you want to wound your on clothes? i mean i know you have to but it looks really hard.