Sunday, December 14, 2008

Would you ever like to look like an Egyptian?

Can you belive all they really wore was linen clothes? All the clothes were made from women. Really all they wore was tunics with sleeves or without. They had wore them because they were comftorble and I think they would be too because linen clothes are very soft. The women had wore them because they were comftorable and the clothes could change shape when the women are pregnant. The linen clothes were pretty exspensive back then. The clothes could cost over a goat which I think would be a lot because a the goat would probably have a lot of uses to it and just give it away for some clothes. So would you like to wear linen clothes that was made by professional women? I probably would like to try it to see what it felt like.


  1. cannt belive someone would wear linen all the time!! And why was it worshiped?

  2. I think your voice came out very good!!!!